Learn to Sing Chicago!



1. Breathe by relaxing your throat and lower diaphragm muscles. Picture air falling from your throat to below your waist. Don’t fill up with air. Too much air in the chest area creates pressure around the throat. Here’s a Youtube video to help you understand my relaxed breath control technique.

2. To hit the high notes, tuck your tail bone under your body and stand by pressing the balls of your feet into the ground. Loosen your knees slightly and tuck your hips under as if you were going to lift a heavy chair. Here’s another video to help.

3. Try to feel the singing vibrate at the top of your head rather than in your throat. Your jaw should always be loose, not stiff and not stretched open.

4. Listen closely to the other voices. It doesn’t matter whether you are singing harmony parts or in unison on the melody line, if you can actually hear yourself you are probably singing too loud. Put your efforts into blending with your group instead of blasting them!

5. And remember when you’re singing any song (especially Christmas carols!) it’s terribly important to think about what the words really mean. It’s amazing how simply thinking about the words and their meaning can improve the tone. That’s probably the most helpful tip of all.